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How to add domain, category, and keywords?

On this page, it shows the basic steps you need to take in using the cmlabs Analytics.

If this is your first time adding some keywords to track, our fellow is greeting you here. Go directly click the "Add Your Keyword" button.

There several steps to complete adding new keywords:

  1. Add Domain
  2. Add Category
  3. Add New Keyword
  4. Review & Submit

First, you are presented with the list of important information in the Introduction step.

As a new user, you get Rp180.000 for free in your balance, so you can add up to 100 first keywords. But if you want to add more than 100, or keep it tracked for the next months, you will have to top up your balance.

1. Add Domain

In this first step, you need to input your domain name and a valid URL. Type directly on the box and click submit to go to the next step.

For the domain name, select a short name that represents your brand clearly. As for the URL, please type directly the address name without "https://" nor "www."

2. Add Category

You can add categories to make it easier to track the keywords of your website. In case you don't need this, you can skip this step too because the system autmatically provides Uncategorized, Seasonal, and Campaign category.

Click Enter after you type the category, and it will show on the list below. Click the "Submit" button when you finish this step.

3. Add New Keyword

The next step is to add the list of your keywords. You have to check several things on this page.

  1. The selected domain. Click the choice of your left sidebar if you have multiple domains registered.
  2. Choose the category from the previous step, or choose the Uncategorized, Seasonal, and Campaign category.
  3. Choose the Country/Market, the uppercase code shows the country, while the lowercase code shows the language of your choice. You can only select one for each process, but you can repeat the input for different targeted Countries/Market and it will cost you one keyword price.
  4. The devices. You can select either Desktop, Mobile, or both. This will help you analyze and calculate the market. A quick tip: Nowadays, there are more internet users access Google page on their mobile instead of desktop. Nonetheless you can always select both and it will cost you double.

Input the selected keyword by typing it manually and press the enter key on your keyboard, or you can copy it from your list separated with a semicolon symbol " ; "  for each different keyword. After you click the "Add Keyword" button, the summary will appear below.

4. Review & Submit

The last step here is to review your input and finish your payment. In case you don't have enough balance, you can do the Top Up Balance first, or you can go back to the previous step to delete some keywords.

After you finish these steps, you can check the history on your Profile Setting page under the Balance History or Payment & Bill on the sidebar. The total number would accumulate your Usage and will be deducted from your Balance on the 25th day of each month.

Shortcut button: Add Category

To add a new category under your domain, you can directly click on the three dots button and choose "Add Keyword Category" and continue it as mentioned step number 2 above. 

You can also add tags under the categories. Learn more about it here

Shortcut button: Add Keyword

If you already have some keywords on your list, you can directly find an "Add Keyword" button on the top right corner of your dashboard. You will be directed to the page like step number 3 above. Follow the rest, and you're good to go!

If you need further assistance, please drop us a message at business@cmlabs.co, and our support team is always glad to assist you.

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Last updated 2020-06-26 UTC.