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How to delete keyword, category, and domain?

This page shows you the basic steps in deleting some keywords in the cmlabs Analytics.

How to remove keyword from category and tag?

On the left sidebar, select your category or tag. Then open your "Keyword" tab above. Mark the keywords you would like to remove, then click the trash bin icon near the total number of selected keywords. These keywords would be moved into the "Uncategorized" category in the sidebar.

Kindly remember that these keywords would still be charged for the following month until you delete them permanently.

How to delete keyword permanently?

The previously deleted keywords would be moved into the “Uncategorized” category.

Select the “Uncategorized” category on the left sidebar, check all the boxes of the keywords you want to remove, and click the trash bin icon to delete them permanently.

How to delete specific domain?

At the bottom left of the sidebar, on the “Add/Setup Domain" button, choose the “Manage Domain” button.

After you are directed to the page, you should find a "Delete Domain" button at the bottom of your screen.

How to delete specific category or tag?

Choose the Domain, then click on the trash bin icon on each row of your category or tag.

Those are the lists of tutorials you will need for the first step of getting into cmlabs Analytics. If you need assistance please drop us a message at business@cmlabs.co. Our support team is always glad to assist you.

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