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More questions about the payment in cmlabs Analytics

Learn more about the pricing schema of our payment in cmlabs Analytics. We use the pay-as-you-go model for keyword pricing. These are some of the questions you need to know about the payment in cmlabs Analytics. In case you need further assistance, please drop us a message at business@cmlabs.co and our support team will be glad to assist you.

1. What is the pricing schema for cmlabs Analytics?

The current pricing is IDR 1.800 or about USD 0.123 per keyword. There is no minimum keyword, cmlabs provides the full freedom in managing the keywords as you need. Pay only for the keywords you track.

When you add new keywords, the total pricing will be summed up to your “Usage”. The cost would be deducted from your Balance on the 25th date in the same month. If you add or permanently delete some keywords from the list, the bill you receive the following month might be different according to the number of keywords you input.

But there will be an additional cost when you choose multiple number of target markets and devices. To make it easier, you can try to calculate on our Pricing Calculator on the welcome page.

2. Can I have the free trial and coupon code?

For a new user, you will automatically get the balance of Rp180.000. You can add up to 100 keywords and try to collect as much info as possible out of your domain.

For inputting and tracking more than 10,000 keywords, you will automatically get a 10% discount. Enjoy this promo until February 28, 2021.

If you have a voucher code from a cmlabs company partner, it is advised to redeem the voucher before the 25th of the month. The voucher code you redeem on the 25th or later will be valid for the following month's period (every voucher has a validity period and it is regulated in terms and conditions).

3. Is there any limit for minimum and maximum top-up transaction?

The minimum amount of transaction is Rp 500.000 (five hundred thousands rupiah) and the maximum is Rp 10.000.000 (ten million rupiahs)

Please make it more than one payment if the amount you need exceeds the maximum limit of the transaction to make it more secure. However, the balance that you can have is unlimited.

4. When does the payment be deducted from my balance?

The system would deduct your balance based on your keyword cost on the 25th date in the same month. When you permanently delete your previous keywords, they will not be charged on the next month's payment. Make sure you have enough balance before the next month's cut. Learn about the Top-Up here. In case your balance is insufficient, your keywords data will not be crawled until you finish topping up your balance.

5. What to do if I don’t have enough balance to add a keyword?

On the review page, after you finish adding your keywords, you will see the total amount of your usage. If your balance is insufficient, you need to Top Up your balance first. Or you will have an option to go back to the previous page and delete several keywords.

6. Do I have to pay for zero search volume keyword?

Yes, cmlabs Analytics crawled the keyword data automatically and the cost applied to all keywords you input regardless of the search volume. If you are no longer interested in tracking those keywords, you can delete them for the next month’s crawl.

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