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What are "Keyword" and "Ranking"?

Search Engine Optimization related terminologies might be different from the daily vocabularies. In this section, we will explain detail one by one of the words we use on our pages. By understanding the terms, you will understand our tools easily. Here are several terms that you need to know, you can learn more about the detailed SEO Terms here.

What is keyword?

Keywords are the main ideas and topics that become the focus of an article, content, or page. In terms of SEO, keywords are the terms and phrases that users enter into search engines, it is  also called "search queries." One page or article might contain one main keyword and several variant keywords. The main keyword is mostly the most general one, while the variant keywords tend to be more specific.

What is the "Tracked keyword"?

The number shows the total of the keywords you have input and crawled by our system under the domain or categories. The percentage shows the changes of the number compared to yesterday. 

Extra keyword categories

There are some default categories available on cmlabs Analytics.


What is a seasonal keyword?

Seasonal keywords are the keywords that peak at a certain event of the year. Several keywords show traffic only at a specific time of the year. For example, keywords like "New Year's outfit" will reach their peak around December, and will be repeated in December of the next year.

What is a campaign keyword?

Campaign keywords are the ones that function to drive huge traffic to the website. Usually, it’s the keywords with search volume above 10K (or might be different depending on your niche) will be set as the campaign keywords, because they can act as the traffic generators to your website. You can consult about these keyword options to our specialist. 

What is an uncategorized keyword?

When you have some keywords list that you don’t have the categories about, you can set them under this category. But, this category mainly has an objective to keep your deleted keywords from other categories, so you can restore them and still see their results. The keyword that is deleted from this category will be permanently deleted.

What is ranking?

The keyword ranking is the position of your website in Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) when a user searches that particular phrase or keyword. Number 1 in rank means your site for such keywords is at the top. If you rank on 11, that means your site for that particular keyword or phrase is on page 2 of Google SERP. Keep in mind that Google has 10 web listings per page.

What is the "Average Domain Ranking"?

We will calculate the average ranks of your keywords that reach the Google SERP position 1-100. It does not depend on the total tracked keyword but rather the keywords which have been listed on the SERP.

The smaller your number indicates the better your page ranked at.

What is keyword ranking distribution?

The graph will show you the total number of your keywords which reach rank 1-3, 4-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-100, and not ranked, relative to the total number of the keywords in percentage. You can track the daily distribution 

If you need further assistance, please drop us a message at business@cmlabs.co and our support team will be glad to assist you.

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