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How do you calculate the market share?

With this number, you will be able to see your position among your competitors of the keywords you play in your niche. Then you can conduct further research to optimize your market potential and opportunity. 

From the keywords you input, the system crawls which website ranks 1-100 on Google SERP. For each rank, there is a specific number as a multiplier factor in our calculation called CTR which also has a different number for desktop or mobile. The more a website reaches a higher ranking on the keywords you play, the more they will dominate your market share.

Where can I find the market share report?

On the Overview tab, you can find a summary of your domain and the competitor's market share report 

More detailed, you can find it on the Competitive Landscape tab

The CL box indicates the "Current Leader" of your market share. Within the different period you choose, you might see different competitors too.


In the Competitive Landscape tab, you can also monitor your Company's OKR and the Most Gains and Losses.

How do you calculate the market share?

Here’s the case example, you input the keyword “X” and "Y" which has a search volume of 10K and 100K, here is the calculation example of the winner on SERP.

Keyword Search Volume Domain Rank Organic CTR for desktop Share of Voice
"X" 10,000 abc.xyz 1 33.77% 3,377
def.xyz 2 12.94% 1,294
your domain 3 6.94% 694
"Y" 100,000 your domain 1 33.77% 33,770
abc.xyz 2 12.94% 12,940
ghi.xyz 3 6.94% 6,940
Domain Total Market Share Market Share Percentage
your domain 34,464 58.40%
abc.xyz 16,317 27.65%
def.xyz 1,294 2.19%
ghi.xyz 6,940 11.76%
TOTAL 59,015 100.00%

This market share calculated daily, while the Search Volume might be steady, but the rank or position of your domain may fluctuate. The search volumes are collected from the database every week, therefore if your data has not shown, please wait for a while.We divide it into two, direct and search competitors.Therefore, the sum and percentage of market share accumulation is

  • Search competitors are another domain that appears on SERP for your targeted domain, the domains are automatically generated. Our system can crawl up to 100 Google ranks for each keyword and calculate up to the top 20 CTRs.
  • Meanwhile, direct competitors are another business' domain that you set as a watchlist. To set your direct competitor you can click on the “Manage/Add your competitor” button on the bottom. You can switch between search competitors and direct competitors on the top right button.

If you need further assistance, please drop us a message at business@cmlabs.co and our support team will be glad to assist you.

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