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How to top up my balance?

On your dashboard, you can directly click the blue "Top Up Balance?" button, on the top right of the page.

Then you will be directed to the Top Up Balance page.
You can also click the "Top Up Balance" on the left sidebar of your Profile Setting page.

Directly choose the price package

For now, we provide three packages that you can choose

  1. Rp500.000 (five hundred thousand rupiahs) for estimated 278 keywords
  2. Rp1.000.000 (one million rupiahs) for estimated 556 keywords
  3. Rp2.000.000 (two million rupiahs) for estimated 1111 keywords

Click on the "Top Up" button, then the system would proceed with your payment.

I want to top up another amount for my balance

Scroll down the Top Up Balance page, and you can fill a form for the amount you want

Please remember the minimum and maximum transaction is between Rp500.000 and Rp10.000.000

Choose the payment method

After you decide the amount that you want to top up, please choose the payment method.

Please follow the instruction carefully in processing the payment.

Where can I check my transaction history?

On your Profile Setting, you can check the Payment & Bill and Balance History on the left sidebar.

In this menu, you can check your previous transaction and the status.

In this section, you can check the usage of your balance.

If you need further assistance, please drop us a message at business@cmlabs.co. Our support team is always glad to assist you.

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